2017 Snooker Masters semi-final O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun live broadcast address_1

2017 Snooker Masters Semifinal O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun Online Live Address
After six days of intense fighting in the 2017 Snooker Masters, all of the semi-finals came out. O’Sullivan, Fu Jiajun, Perry and Hawkins advanced. Today’s semifinals will kick off, 21:00 O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun, Fu Jiajun continuedCan the status reach the finals?Can Hawkins play steadily and make it to the finals for two consecutive years?Don’t miss out on the live broadcast of this website!  奥沙利文vs傅家俊在线直播地址:点击进入    两人近况  2017年斯诺克大师赛伦敦当地时间19日进行了两场四分之一决赛的较量,结果火箭奥沙利文和中国香港选手傅家俊都击败Their respective opponents broke into the semifinals.  Defending champion O’Sullivan defeated the 2012 champion and Australian player Robertson 6:3 in the first game and entered the semifinals for the 13th time in his career.Fu Jiajun defeated Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen 6-2, and after 2008 and 2011, he reached the semifinals for the third time.Fu Jiajun also scored 140 points in a single shot in the seventh inning, which is the highest single shot score so far in this game. If no one exceeds this score, he will receive a £10,000 single shot bonus.  O’Sullivan and Fu Jiajun will meet on the 21st to compete for the finals.The 41-year-old Rockets had previously won six Masters titles. If they again win the title, they will become the player who has won the most Masters titles in history.  比赛分析  两人过往交手27次,奥沙利文16胜3平8负占据上风,双方最近一次交手在去年英国锦标赛半决赛,奥沙利文虽然决胜局战胜傅家俊,但傅家俊此时状态已经回暖,接Down the Scottish Open, Fu Jiajun’s state broke out and won the championship.In this game, O’Sullivan’s state is very unstable. In the first round, Liang Wenbo made a major mistake and sent the fire teacher to promote. However, in the quarter-finals, he faced Robertson’s multiple simple ball mistakes. If Robertson was out of luck, the fire teacher must be out of this state.And Fu Jiajun still continued the previous hot feeling in this game, the first round of three shots to break the 100-point killing quasi-God Trump, the second round of the game scored the highest score of 140 points 6-2 to take advantage of Allen, if Fu Jiajun maintained his state, beat the general stateThe chance of O’Sullivan is still great.Next game: 2017 Snooker Masters semi-final Joe Perry VS Hawkins online live address extended reading: 2017 Snooker Masters 1/4 finals Ding Junhui vs Perry match video recording 2017 Snooker Masters 1/4 Finals Hawkins vs Selby match video recording 2017 Snooker Masters schedule time against table (Beijing time) 2017 Snooker Masters online video live broadcast address

It ‘s okay to lose the home court advantage, 4 Chinese boxers open the Tokyo Olympics door

It ‘s okay to lose the home court advantage, 4 Chinese boxers open the Tokyo Olympics door
Beijing News (Reporter Sun Haiguang) The Asian Regional Boxing Qualification Tournament for the Tokyo Olympics continues in Amman. The Chinese team has harvested 4 photos in the women’s 69kg, women’s 75kg, men’s 81kg, men’s 75kg 4 gradesOlympic tickets.The Tokyo Olympics baseball sub-region qualifying game was originally scheduled to take place at the Hongshan Stadium in Wuhan from February 3 to 14, and was moved to Amman, Jordan, due to the impact of the epidemic.After the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Hongshan Gymnasium was also temporarily transformed into a sheltered hospital for the treatment of mild patients.The Tokyo Olympics Baseball Qualifier includes four continent-level games including Asia Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, and one lost game.According to the rules, each association can only send one athlete to participate in one level.In the qualifying match in Amman, the Chinese team participated in all 13 levels of men and women (8 levels for men and 5 levels for women).In a women ‘s 75-kilogram quarterfinals that ended last night, Li Qian defeated Mongolian Muenkebart 5-0 to get the first Tokyo Olympics ticket for the Chinese boxing team.Li Qian is the number one seed of the women’s 75kg class and won a bronze medal in the Rio Olympics.Next, she will continue to work towards the championship and strive for a seed seat at the Tokyo Olympics.After this, Chen Daxiang (81 kg for men), Gu Hong (69 kg for women), Tohta Talbek Tang Lati Khan (75 kg for men) won the top 8 of each level, and won another 3 for the Chinese team.Tickets for the Tokyo Olympics.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang, editor Han Shuangming, proofread Chen Diyan

2014 World Cup Iran vs Nigeria who will win the historical record and score prediction analysis _1

2014 World Cup Iran vs Nigeria who will win the historical record and score prediction analysis
2014 FIFA World Cup vs Nigeria score prediction analysis: 0:1 or 0:2 June 17, 2014 updated Iran VS Santiago game results, Iran 0:0 Nigeria (Draw) 2014 World Cup Soccer vs Nigeria Who will win? The strength of Group F, where Nigeria’s current World Cup is located, is not strong except Argentina.And Iran basically can not avoid the fate of the child, so the second group of the F group will be generated between Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.2014 World Cup Iran vs Nigeria who will win the historical record and score prediction analysis 2014 World Cup Iran and Nigeria team goals comparison 2014 World Cup football club national team ranking latest 23-man big list 2014 World Cup national team ranking latest 23-man big list 2014 World Cup Iran vs VS The two teams’ starting forecasts predict Iran’s VS Nigeria’s historical confrontation record. The two teams have fought one game in history. The Iranian team was defeated by the diabetes team 0 to 1 in a friendly match in January 1998. Iran World Cup historical results Iran team did not qualify from the group stage three times in the World Cup.In the 1978 World Cup, Iran participated in the finals for the first time and lost to the Netherlands, Scotland, and Peru in three games.In the 1998 World Cup, Iran won the team’s first victory in the World Cup. At that time, the game attracted worldwide attention because of its political reasons. In the end, Iran defeated the United States 2-1, but Iran lost two other games to the former Yugoslavia and Germany.And was eliminated.In the 2006 World Cup, Iran lost to Mexico and Portugal. In the final battle, Ping An was eliminated again.  The historical record of the Colombia World Cup Nigeria has participated in the World Cup four times, including 1994 to 2002, three consecutive World Cups, and reached the top 16 in the 1994 and 1998 World Cup.In the 2002 World Cup, Nigeria, Argentina, Sweden, and England were in a group and failed to qualify.At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Nigerian team and Argentina were in a group for the third time, but lost 0-1 to Argentina, 1-2 to Greece, and 2-2 to South Korea. Recommended reading: 2014 World Cup Germany vs Portugal who will win the historical record and score prediction analysis Brazil Brazil World Cup 32 players list 736 star ranking

IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站取代太浩湖成全球最高赛道_1

IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站取代太浩湖成全球最高赛道
­  “根据目前的资料,IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站已经取代之前备受赞誉的美国太浩湖站,成为全球最高赛道”,IRONMAN铁人大学总监张焱嘉在6月24日、25日举行的云南铁人巡讲上介绍,美国太浩湖(Lake Tahoe)举办的IRONMAN赛事曾因其独特的高海拔风景和极具挑战的赛道而吸引大量铁人参与,但随后该站赛事已暂停举行。与前者海拔不分伯仲的2017 IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站由此跃居全球最高赛道。­  目前来看,曲靖站赛道1910米的平均海拔受到了全球铁三选手的关注,记者了解到在已报名8月27日IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站的运动员当中有一半选手都来自海外35个国家和地区。­  万达体育在曲靖和昆明举办的两场铁人巡讲,不仅得到了云南省内铁人三项爱好者的青睐,还有超过百余名马拉松、公路骑行等体育爱好者也来到现场,与专家进行互动交流。IRONMAN U铁人大学总监张焱嘉、国内首位IRONMAN认证教练白峰与云南高原铁人俱乐部理事长王霆,为在场的铁人三项运动爱好者分享了IRONMAN品牌精神、科学周期性训练方法、以及曲靖站参赛要点等内容。­  高原赛道并不难,提早适应避“高反”­  王霆是云南高原铁人俱乐部创始人,凭着丰富的“打铁”经验,他所带领的高原铁人俱乐部已经走出了4位IRONMAN和7位IRONMAN 70.3完赛者。巡讲会上,不少铁人三项爱好者都表现出自己对曲靖高原赛道的担忧,王霆对跃跃欲试即将参赛的新手们谈到了自己的建议,他认为选手不必太过担忧高原赛道,提前适应环境,完全可以从容面对。­  “大家可以提前三天到曲靖来,适应一下这边的高原环境,能提前一周是最好的。”,王霆强调,还有2个月时间IRONMAN70.3曲靖站就要开赛,这个阶段的备赛过程里最重要的就是调整身体状态,而不是过分超负荷训练:“吃好喝好睡好才是最重要的,在这段时间里,运动员就不要进行高强度的训练了,休息好了比赛状态才会好。”王霆以轻松愉悦的互动锻炼方式提高了大家的参与和热情。­  备战IRONMAN 70.3高原赛道,训练适合自己最重要­  白峰是中国内地首位通过IRONMAN认证的教练,拥有6年“打铁”经验,在考察了IRONMAN 70.3曲靖赛道情况后,白峰表示“赛道总体难度不大,但是高原独有的高海拔和气候特点,使曲靖站充满着神秘感。” 距离IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站还有两个月,不少讲座参与者都提出了自己在备赛时碰到的问题,2012年伦敦残奥会游泳冠军王家超也在现场分享了他的训练经验,他并没有采用持续的高负荷训练,而是通过对于长期计划的灵活调配让训练与生活保持平衡。­  针对IRONMAN参赛选手的疑问,白峰重点讲解了IRONMAN 70.3赛事中选手体能分配与能量供给的策略。白峰认为体能训练是一门艺术,在现场他用“储蓄”、“消费”、和“赌博”来对训练进行比喻,”目前离曲靖比赛还有2个月,最关键的训练就是结合自身体能,核定训练强度、频率、以及持续时间这些项目,进行循序渐进式的科学训练,制定适合自己的计划最重要“。­  IRONMAN铁友汇上线,只会跑步也能玩铁三­  相比铁人三项爱好者关注高原备赛与体能训练,马拉松与骑行爱好者则表示,铁人三项需要一次性完成游泳、自行车、跑步三项长距离运动,太过于望而生畏。就此,IRONMAN U 铁人大学总监张焱嘉介绍了IRONMAN新推出的线上接力组队社交平台“铁友汇”。从IRONMAN官方微信就可以前往”铁人社交”平台进行注册,参赛选手只需掌握跑步、骑行、游泳中的一项或两项,系统就能够为选手推荐匹配的搭档或战队,共同参与IRONMAN 70.3和SPRINT接力赛。­  “我们希望打造一个前所未有的接力组队平台,让那些马拉松、骑行和游泳,这些热衷单项运动的体育爱好者也能够参与到铁人三项中进来,一边认识新朋友,一边了解这项运动,最终能够独立参赛IRONMAN 70.3。”,张焱嘉向记者表示。­  “铁友汇”接力平台的推出也是为了配合IRONMAN首度推出的短程冲刺赛。不同于以往举行的IRONMAN 70.3赛事,今年IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站首次迎来了SPRINT短距离比赛,选手以个人或接力形式在同样的赛道上,只需完成400米游泳、14公里骑行、3公里跑步即可完赛。比赛距离虽短,但赛事体验却仍然是IRONMAN级别。这项短程赛事的引进,既能让铁三高手体会极速快感,更可以让众多单项体育爱好者体验IRONMAN这一赛事的独特魅力,从而推动中国铁人三项运动的发展普及。­  铁人三项并非高不可攀,2017 IRONMAN中国赛增至5站­  现在IRONMAN拥有全球91%的铁人三项市场占有率,覆盖全球113个国家超过600万关注者,在欧美发达国家尤为受到欢迎。近几年,铁人三项运动在国内迎来了爆发式发展, 在延续2016年成功举办IRONMAN 70.3合肥站、厦门站的基础上,2017年度 IRONMAN 70.3还将依次在柳州、曲靖、重庆落地,全年共举办5场比赛。­  IRONMAN并非只是一项纯粹的体能与耐力考验,IRONMAN铁人大学总监张焱嘉在现场分享了国内外选手参与IRONMAN的感悟,对于欧美众多商业领袖、社会精英而言,参与并完成IRONMAN是一项毕生的挑战。­  看到荧幕里来自银川自由骑士俱乐部73岁的顾大我先生完赛IRONMAN 70.3合肥站赛事的画面,让来到现场不少马拉松、骑行爱好者颇感敬佩。一直以来很多人印象里把铁人三项归为极限运动,张焱嘉就此强调IRONMAN是一项耐力运动而非极限挑战,并不是只有年轻才能出成绩,”事实上国际很多知名选手都是在35岁到40岁才达到自己的耐力成绩顶峰,经过科学训练的70岁甚至80岁高龄选手参赛也很常见,铁人三项并非高不可攀“。­  此外,巡讲还介绍了曲靖站的赛事流程与要点、赛事活动以及一些重要的选手须知,方便在场的铁友更好地了解比赛。据悉,IRONMAN 70.3曲靖站还是2017年最后一场可以获得2017 KONA铁人世锦赛参赛名额的赛事。

NBA’s latest strength list: Cavaliers stabilized the 2nd Spurs into the top 4 Rockets to 6_1

NBA’s latest strength list: Cavaliers stabilized the 2nd Spurs into the top 4 Rockets to 6th
On March 31, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced a new ranking of the strength list. The Warriors continued to rank first. The Cavaliers also stabilized the second deal. The Eagles continued to rank third. The Spurs rose to the fourth position. ClippersThe Rockets also ranked fifth, followed by the Rockets in sixth place, followed by the Grizzlies, Trail Blazers, Thunder and Bulls, and the Lakers ranked 29th.The Cavaliers ranked second in the strength list for the second week in a row. The Golden State Warriors record: 60 wins and 13 losses. Rhythm: 100.6 (1) Offense: 109.5 (2) Defense: 97.4 (1) Net win point: +12.2 (1) The Warriors have not lost the ball in a period of nearly a month, and so far this season, they have scored 51 wins and 7 losses in the game played by Bogut, currently in the league.With a throne and more than five wins over the second-place Hawks, it will be interesting for the Warriors to treat this week’s game.  2. Cleveland Cavaliers record: 48 wins and 27 losses Rhythm: 94.8 (25) Offense: 108.0 (4) Defense: 104.0 (20) Net difference points: +4.0 (6) Even if Love suffered a back injury against the 76ers, and the team did not gather in the last 4 minutes, the Cavaliers have not been defeated by their opponents, and they have maintained a home victory since James returned.Loew’s injury is still worrying, but fortunately they have three days of rest to allow him to recover.The Cavaliers had 2 wins and 3 losses without Love this season, but 2 of the 3 games they lost were against their opponents this week.  3. Atlanta Hawks record: 55 wins and 18 losses Rhythm: 96.3 (15) Offense: 106.0 (6) Defense: 100.8 (8) Net difference points: +5.3 (4) The Hawks are basically sure to have home advantage before the finals, but they still have some minor troubles recently.Teague is still fighting with his toe injury, Budenholzer should continue to arrange the rest of the main players in the rest of the game, after all, the Eagles have 3 back to back to fight.  4. San Antonio Spurs record: 47 wins and 26 losses Rhythm: 95.9 (18) Offense: 105.5 (7) Defense: 99.9 (3) Net win point: +5.6 (3) How important a healthy Split is to the Spurs, just look at the recent game.Healthy Split brought back the Spurs’ strong starter collocation and also put the rotation on the bench back on track.In the last 9 games, Split has contributed 19 per 36 minutes per game.8 points 10.1 rebound 1.7 assists 1.2 steals, shooting 67%.  5. Los Angeles Clippers record: 49 wins and 25 losses Rhythm: 97.0 (10) offense: 109.6 (1) Defense: 103.0 (18) net difference: +6.6 (2) The Clippers’ recent defense is still problematic, but the fierce rupture of the offensive end masks the shortcomings of this end.They have scored 115 points per 100 rounds in the last six games, including Redick’s three-pointers made 24 of 42 shots.They have recaptured the league’s No. 1 offense from the Warriors, and the two teams will meet once this week.  6, Houston Rockets record: 50 wins and 23 losses Rhythm: 99.1 (2) Offense: 103.7 (13) Defense: 100.1 (4) Net win point: +3.6 (8) Howard is finally back and the Rockets have won 7 of their last 8 games, which also allowed them to take the second place in the West, but they have lost Bever in the past week.Li and Motiejunas are the two main forces.The rest of the schedule is not very favorable for them. Starting from the Wizards, they will usher in a period of 8 games where 7 opponents have a win rate of more than 50%.  7, Memphis Grizzlies record: 50 wins and 24 losses Rhythm: 94.3 (26) Offense: 103.0 (14) Defense: 100.3 (6) Net difference points: +2.7 (11) After a wave of three consecutive losses, the Grizzlies slipped from the second position in the west. If they start the playoffs now, they will play against the Spurs, and they have only 4 wins and 16 against the Spurs in the past 4 years.negative.To make matters worse, Tony Allen of the team has a hamstring injury, and Xiao Li shot only 33% in March.Maybe they can consider continuing to shrink the ranking and let them open the expanders in the first round, because they swept the Portlanders this season.  8. Portland Trail Blazers record: 47 wins and 25 losses Rhythm: 96.4 (13) Offense: 105.2 (9) Defense: 100.9 (9) Net difference points: +4.3 (5) Although Lillard shot only 33% of his shots, the Blazers still got a wave of 3 straight wins and temporarily stabilized the military.If they beat the Clippers this week, they might even get a home advantage when they play against them in the first round of the playoffs.The final schedule was good for the Blazers, and their opponents in six of the last 10 games were against them in the second back-to-back game.  9. Oklahoma City Thunder record: 42 wins and 32 losses Rhythm: 98.2(7) Offense: 103.9 (11) Defense: 102.2 (13) Net difference points: +1.8 (12) Now that Durant is officially and completely reimbursed for the season, the Thunder’s fate of being eliminated by the Warriors in the first round seems to have been doomed.However, they will play against the Mavericks this week. If they can win, they still have the opportunity to rush to the seventh position in the west.However, the last time the two teams met, the Thunder was reversed by the opponent with a 15-point lead.  10. Chicago Bulls record: 45 wins and 29 losses Rhythm: 95.3 (23) Offense: 105.1 (10) Defense: 101.9 (12) Net difference points: +3.2 (9) 11, Dallas Mavericks record: 45 wins and 29 losses Rhythm: 97.0 (11) Offense: 106.8 (5) Defense: 102.9 (16) Net difference points: +3.9 (7) 12, New Orleans Pelicans record: 39 wins and 34 losses Rhythm: 93.8 (27) Offense: 105.2 (8) Defense: 104.5 (23) Net difference points: +0.7 (16) 13, Miami Heat record: 34 wins and 39 losses Rhythm: 93.1 (29) Offense: 101.7 (19) Defense: 103.3 (19) Net difference points: -1.6 (20) 14, Washington Wizards record: 41 wins and 33 losses Rhythm: 96.0 (16) offense: 101.8 (18) Defense: 100.2 (5) Net difference points: +1.6 (13) 15, Toronto Raptors record: 43 wins and 30 losses Rhythm: 95.6 (20) Offense: 108.0 (3) Defense: 105.0 (25) net difference: +3.1 (10) 16, Utah Jazz record: 32 wins and 41 losses Rhythm: 92.5 (30) Offense: 102.3 (15) Defense: 102.5 (15) Net difference points: -0.2 (17) 17, Boston Celtics record: 32 wins and 41 losses Rhythm: 98.4 (5) Offense: 101.0 (22) Defense: 102.5 (14) Net difference points: -1.5 (19) 18, Brooklyn Nets performance: 32 wins and 40 losses Rhythm: 95.0 (24) Offense: 101.1 (20) Defense: 104.5 (22) Net difference points: -3.5 (23) 19, Phoenix Suns record: 38 wins and 36 losses Rhythm: 99.1(3) Offense: 103.8 (12) Defense: 103.0 (17) Net difference points: +0.8 (14) 20, Milwaukee Bucks record: 36 wins and 37 losses Rhythm: 96.3 (14) Offense: 100.4 (24) Defense: 99.6 (2) Net difference points: +0.8 (15) 21, Indiana Pacers record: 32 wins and 41 losses Rhythm: 95.7 (19) Offense: 100.3 (25) Defense: 101.3 (11) Net difference points: -0.9 (18) 22, Detroit Pistons record: 28 wins and 45 losses Rhythm: 95.4 (22) Offense: 101.8 (17) Defense: 104.1 (21) Net difference points: -2.3 (21) 23, Charlotte Hornets record: 31 wins and 41 losses Rhythm: 95.6 (21) Offense: 98.1 (28) Defense: 100.4 (7) Net difference points: -2.3 (22) 24, Sacramento Kings record: 26 wins 46 losses Rhythm: 97.9 (8) Offense: 102.0 (16) defense: 106.3 (27) Net difference points: -4.3 (25) 25, Denver Nuggets record: 28 wins 46 losses Rhythm: 98.5 (4) Offense: 101.1 (21) Defense: 104.7 (24) Net difference points: -3.6 (24) 26, Philadelphia 76ers record: 18 wins and 56 losses Rhythm: 98.4 (6) Offense: 92.5 (30) Defense: 101.2 (10) Net difference points: -8.7 (28) 27, Orlando Magic record: 22 wins and 52 losses Rhythm: 96.0 (17) offense: 99.7 (27) Defense: 105.8 (26) Net difference points: -6.1 (27) 28, Minnesota Timberwolves record: 16 wins and 57 losses Rhythm: 97.1(9) Offense: 99.7 (26) Defense: 108.9 (30) Net win points: -9.1 (29) 29, Los Angeles Lakers record: 19 wins and 53 losses Rhythm: 96.5 (12) Offense: 101.0 (23) Defense: 107.1 (28) net difference: -6.1 point (26) and Clarkson also played well in that game, 14 of 30 points came from the basket, and his finishing ability there was not bad.  30, New York Knicks record: 14 wins and 60 losses Rhythm: 93.5 (28) Offense: 97.1 (29) Defense: 107.6 (29) Net difference points: -10.5 (30) (single tone)